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Navionics Commands

This iBook is available in either iPad / Mac format or iPhone only format. If you are viewing this on an iPad, laptop or desktop, tap on the iPad image to link to the iBook Store, for the iPad / Mac / Laptop format.

This book is now on sale with iOS7+ screen shots.


An interactive guide to the Navionics App Commands, this book provides a quick and easy reference to the main commands, with explanations and interactive illustrations of their use and purpose.


Although this iBook in iPad format can only be read on an iPad or Mac the subject matter also covers the iPhone Navionics app Commands.


Navigation to the exact subject matter is quick and easy by a tap on the hyperlinks provided in the index on page 3. Similarly return to the index with ease via the blue arrow hyperlinks.


This book introduces the reader to the experience of using the elements of an interactive book, as also extensively used in my other iBook titles : 'iPad Route Planning Using Marine Imray Charts and Marine Tides Planner / Garmin BlueChart Mobile and Marine Tides Planner / MaxSea TimeZero and Marine Tides Planner. All available exclusively in the Apple iBookstore. 

Navionics Commands for iPhone, iBook.
Navionics Commands, iBook.

With iOS 8.4 it is now also possible to view iBooks on an iPhone. If you are viewing on an iPhone with iOS8.4^, tap the iPhone image to view the iPhone Optimised iBook version or read the text description.

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