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Garmin BlueChart Commands

This iBook is only readable on an iPad or Mac. If you are viewing this on an iPad, laptop or desktop, tap on the image to link to the App Store to try or buy. Although with iOS 8.4 it is now possible to view these iBooks on an iPhone they are designed for an iPad field of view and therefore unsuitable for mobile screens. Below is a full description if you are viewing this text on a mobile.

Garmin BlueChart Commands, iBook.

A supplementary interactive help for the Garmin BlueChart user. With interactive screen illustrations for iPad, iPhone and iPod, plus hyperlinks from the index to the subject matter for ease and convenience.


Although this iBook is only readable on an iPad or Mac the subject matter also covers the iPhone Garmin BlueChart app Commands.


Also available from App Store: iPad iBooks - Commands for Navionics and Marine Imray Charts.

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