iBooks on Route Planning: For Navionics, Garmin BlueChart, MaxSea, iSailor, Imray Navigator, Marine Imray Charts, NavLink, iBoating, and Aqua Maps.

iPad Navigation Apps Compared for Route Planning capability.

Route Planning on iPad or PC / Mac requires an app to have a responsive and controllable distance measuring device. Preferably one that will stay on screen while the screen is zoomed to its full extents. It must be capable of measuring very small vectors, i.e. 0.1kts or less but able to stay on screen at larger zooms, i.e. 4NM. Some apps can do this, others can't.


Also once waypoints are plotted and a route made out, the data concerning the route and each waypoint in it should be exportable so that the information can be made up into a printed 'Routelist' and edited in a word processor. Some apps can do this easily, others can't.

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